Gordon State College (GSC) is a regionally accredited institution in the University System of Georgia. Partnered with UWG, students enrolled in West in Thirty with Gordon State are offered on-campus housing for a traditional college experience to help prepare you to transfer back to UWG!

 Click here if you would like to participate in the West in Thirty program with Gordon State College.

  • 1. Decide which GSC Campus fits you best!

    UWG has partnered with Gordon State College (GSC) for West in Thirty. GSC offers you a wide range of opportunities and two different campuses for you to attend. 

    • Barnesville, GA (Main Campus with On-Campus Housing)
    • McDonough, GA (Satellite Campus)
  • 2. Complete participation agreement & release of information

    This form will:

    • Give the University of West Georgia the permission to send your UWG application, high school transcripts, and test scores to GSC.
    • Waive the application fee for GSC so you will not have to pay extra application fees
    • Indicate your willingness to participate in West in Thirty and your intent to return to UWG in the near future

    The form can be submitted any of the following ways:

    • Standard mail
    • Scanned to email
    • Faxed to UWG’s Admissions Office
    Participation Agreement Submission Deadlines
    Term Deadline
    Fall Semester July 1st
    Spring Semester December 1st
    Summer Semester May 5th
    • Term: Fall Semester
      Deadline: July 1st

    • Term: Spring Semester
      Deadline: December 1st

    • Term: Summer Semester
      Deadline: May 5th

  • 3. Wait on admissions decision from GSC

    Once you have submitted the West in Thirty Agreement Form, GSC will review your documents for admissibility. No additional application fee will be required. However, you may be contacted to complete additional testing or submit additional information.

    Make sure to send your FAFSA information to Gordon State College. Gordon State's FAFSA Code is 001575.

    After your participation agreement is processed, you will receive an email from transferwest@westga.edu. At this point, your point of contact will be Leo Solomon. He can be reached at leos@gordonstate.edu or westin30@gordonstate.edu

  • 4. Enroll in transferable classes

    UWG suggests that you take Core Classes that will transfer to UWG and will provide you a strong base for your education. Please take time to explore the core classes that UWG has determined should transfer from Gordon State College. For UWG transfer admission, you are expected to maintain a 2.0 GPA for at least 30 transferable credit hours and prove Math and English proficiency.

  • 5. Update UWG admissions application

    Once you’ve registered in courses that bring you to 30 transferable hours OR applied for graduation with your Associate’s degree, update your University of West Georgia admissions application.

  • 6. Complete UWG transfer admission application

    Email transferwest@westga.edu so we can request your transcripts from GSC when you are ready to transfer back to UWG by the corresponding priority deadline for the semester you want to transfer to the University of West Georgia:


    • Fall – July 1
    • Spring – November 15
    • Summer – May 15