Thank you for choosing to come back West!

Conditions for Readmission

  • Students who were previously enrolled, but have not been in attendance for three semesters.
  • Students who have been academically suspended for one year or dismissed must apply for readmission with the Admissions Office at least three weeks before the semester for which they are applying begins.
  • Students who have attended another college or university since last attending West Georgia must submit official transcripts from each institution attended.
  • Students previously enrolled as transient, Senior Enrichment, Gifted Junior, or Advanced Academy must reapply through the Office of Admissions.

Readmission Student Types


Student who has been absent three or more semesters from UWG, and has not attended another institution.


A student who has been absent three or more semesters from UWG, but attended another institution prior to re-enrollment. Student must submit official transcript from all colleges attended.


Former UWG student who wants to attend UWG as a transient student.

Readmit (post-baccalaureate degree seeking)

UWG graduate who is seeking 2nd undergraduate degree.

Readmit (post-baccalaureate non-degree seeking)

UWG graduate who has graduated but not seeking a 2nd degree

Your checklist for readmission to UWG.

  1. Submit your Readmission Application.
  2. Submit transcripts from all colleges attended between the time you were enrolled at UWG and the time you apply for readmission.
  3. Submit documents for proof of lawful presence.
  4. Check your application status.
  5. Immunization form (does not apply to fully online students).