Complete Forms Listing

Please Read: Forms may require student, faculty, or staff signatures. All forms are designed to be filled and signed in Adobe PDF. Please note faculty and staff have access to Adobe Creative Cloud through ITS which allows for digital signatures. Simply login with your UWG email and enable the Adobe Sign feature. Please follow the below steps to complete the forms and return to the Office of the Registrar.

  1. Download the form to Adobe PDF (You cannot sign the form if filled out in the browser and the form will not download properly if you fill out and then download).
  2. Fill out all information on the form.
  3. Sign the form using your digital signature. For help creating your signature, please visit the Adobe Webpage on Setting Up and Managing your Signature
  4. Save your completed form. If no other signatures are needed, forward the saved PDF to If additional signatures are needed, please go to step #5.
  5. Click on the Fill & Sign Option in Adobe under the tool bar or Tools tab. Select the Others Option by Clicking on "Request Signatures."
  6. Enter the UWG email addresses for all individuals that need to sign. (Examples: Advisor emails, Associate Dean emails, or Registrar Office If you wish to send a message with the form, please enter it in the Subject & Message section. Then click 'Specify Where to Sign.'
  7. Right click on the signature line, select edit, and assign to one of the email addresses previously entered, and click 'okay'. Do this for all signature lines needing to be completed. Once complete, click 'Send.'
  8. The form will be sent to the individuals requested in the order the signature boxes on the form appear. Once all parties have signed, all parties will receive a final copy of the form. If a signature is not required from the Registrar's Office the initiator of the form needs to email the final copy to for processing. If the form is not sent to, the form will not be processed.

Download the form, fill in the required information, and use Adobe to electronically sign the form.