Health Services provides health care with the intention of keeping students healthy enough to pursue their academic goals.  When appropriate, we can provide patients verification of their visit to share with employers and instructors. In certain instances related to specific injuries or illnesses, Health Services can also share our recommendations regarding whether the patient should restrict their activities.

Both the Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Policies at UWG stipulate that each professor makes the final determination about how many absences are allowed, whether to offer extensions, accept make-up work, whether or not to accept coursework past the due date, whether or not the student can participate in the class via a different format (e.g. distance learning), retake a missed test, submit an assignment late, and/or exceed the published maximum number of absences. 

Most instructors define their attendance expectations in their class syllabi, and it is important for students to review those for each instructor.  Health Services staff do not have the authority to “excuse” absences, therefore, we can only confirm treatment.  We respectfully request that students discuss and resolve their health related classroom absences with their faculty member or instructor.

When students experience a medical, personal, or psychological concern that impacts their ability to meet academic requirements, they can meet with an Advocate to discuss academic options and explore support resources.  With student permission, the Advocates can assist with corroborating and communicating student concerns to instructors.  More information about Advocacy services is available here:

Students with ongoing health or psychological concerns are advised to speak with Accessibility Services:  Upon completion of registration, Accessibility Services can assist students with classroom accommodations that are intended to offset the impact of the chronic condition.