On Twitter, you have 160 characters to tell your story to potential employers.  

While you may have spent hours on your resume, how much time did you take to craft your Twitter bio—that info right below @YourName on your Twitter page?

So, how do you boil your one- or two-page resume into 160 characters? Here are tips gathered from a variety of sources:

Use keywords that focus on your professional knowledge and accomplishments. Your bio doesn’t have to be a complete sentence. Just hit the highlights. Example: John Doe, Accounting Major, Cum Laude graduate spring 2014, Intern at XYZ, AICPA Student Award, President of University Soccer League.

Be findable. Use words a potential employer might use to search for someone in your field. Look at the bios of other people in your field (and follow those people)—what words are they using?

Add a link. Twitter allows you to add a link in your bio. Use it to link to your LinkedIn profile.

Edit yourself. Write your bio out and ask a friend to proof for spelling and grammar before you add it to your page.

Keep it fresh. Update your information on a regular basis. Add and subtract keywords to reflect your accomplishments.

Skip the nonsense. Get a second Twitter handle for tweeting with friends, sharing hobbies, and posting cat photos.

Forgotten how to update your bio? Click on the cog symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the Twitter screen. Choose settings. Then, from the left side, choose profile. You input your bio in the profile area.

Courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers