How To Get A Job After Receiving A FWS

  • Step 1: Accepting Your FWS Award

    The FWS amount listed on a student's Financial Aid Award is the maximum amount of FWS funds the student may earn for that semester. Once FWS students obtain their FWS jobs, they are paid on a bi-weekly basis for the hours they have worked, up to the amount listed on their award.

    Please Note: FWS Awards CANNOT be applied toward tuition, fees or other charges due. FWS money IS NOT available to pay a student’s tuition, fees, housing charges or meal plan cost.

    To estimate how many hours you would need to work each week to earn your awarded amount please refer to the chart below. This chart is based on a pay rate of $8.00 per hour and 15 weeks (one semester). All FWS students are encouraged to work a minimum of 8 hours per week. Please see FWS Student Responsibilities for more information.

    FWS Award Amount for Hours Worked
    FWS Award Per Semester Approximate Work Hours Each Week 
    $1500 12.5
    $1700 14
    $1900 16
    $2100 17.5
    $2300 19

    FWS Award Amount for Hours Worked

    • FWS Award Per Semester: $1500
      Approximate Work Hours Each Week : 12.5

    • FWS Award Per Semester: $1700
      Approximate Work Hours Each Week : 14

    • FWS Award Per Semester: $1900
      Approximate Work Hours Each Week : 16

    • FWS Award Per Semester: $2100
      Approximate Work Hours Each Week : 17.5

    • FWS Award Per Semester: $2300
      Approximate Work Hours Each Week : 19


  • Step 2: Register for 'Handshake"

    Once you have been awarded FWS award, you should begin looking for a FWS position. Students will need to register on Handshake and submit a resume for approval. Once your resume has been approved you will be able to search and apply for FWS positions.

  • Step 3: Review the Available Jobs

    In Handshake, click on “on campus positions”. This will list every positions available on campus. Jobs that are for FWS positions will have FWS attached to the job title. For example, it will say "FWS-Office Assistant. Click on each job title to read more details. When you find a job that interests you, click on the "Apply" button within the detailed listing.

    The department will contact you if you are selected for an interview.

    You may apply for several positions, but you may only accept one FWS position for the full year.

    Remember: It is YOUR responsibility to get hired in a FWS position. Student Employment and the Financial Aid Office CANNOT GUARANTEE positions for all students who are awarded Federal Work Study. Federal Work Study positions are limited by departmental demands and outside employer needs. Student Employment strongly suggests that all FWS student complete their job search as soon as possible.

  • Step 4: Know Your Responsibilities

    You must maintain your eligibility for FWS as a condition of employment. Please review the FWS Student Responsibilities section for more information about eligibility and other items you need to know as a FWS employee. FWS employment requires a work commitment for Fall AND Spring Semesters.

FWS Student Responsibilities

  • Expectations
    • You will only receive FWS funds for the hours you have actually worked. FWS students are NOT entitled to any unearned FWS monies.
    • Pay for your FWS employment is NOT applied to your UWG Student Account nor applied toward fees for subsequent semesters.
    • Do NOT expect to be able to study during your scheduled work hours!
    • As a Federal Work-Study (FWS) student employee, you are expected to be prompt, reliable and cooperative. You must adhere to the policies set by the department and/or location where you will be working.

    You will be evaluated by your Supervisor on the following Criteria:

    • Adheres to set schedule
    • Arrives at work on time
    • Contacts supervisor if running late or unable to work
    • Pays attention to detail
    • Notices what needs to be done and does it without being asked
    • Listens carefully to instruction
    • Maintains positive, helpful attitude
    • Neat appearance/appropriate attire
  • Eligibility and Conditions of FWS
    • You must maintain FWS eligibility throughout the academic year.
    • Federal Work-Study jobs are on a semester basis.
    • You must be enrolled in at least twelve credit hours per semester to participate in FWS.
    • You can only be employed in ONE FWS position.
    • Poor work performance can result in termination initiated by the department/employer for which you work.
  • Obtaining a Job

    A FWS award does not guarantee a FWS job! It is each student’s responsibility to obtain his/her FWS job. Follow the instructions under the "How To Get A Job After Receiving A FWS" section on this page. Starting early is key. Most FWS positions are posted in August.

  • Employee Forms and Paperwork

    New FWS students must complete required new hire paperwork. FWS students participating in America Reads/America Counts and Community Outreach have a separate orientation and must complete a criminal background check

  • Rate of Pay

    FWS Student Employees earn a minimum of $7.25 per hour.

  • Your Work Schedule
    • Your work schedule is arranged between you and your Supervisor. A written schedule reflecting your work days and hours should be clearly defined at the beginning of each semester.
    • You cannot work during your scheduled class meeting times, even if a class meeting has been cancelled by the instructor.
    • Report to work promptly, and notify your Supervisor in advance if you cannot report to work on time.
    • The FWS program recommends working a minimum of six hours per week at your assigned position.
  • Hours per week limitation

    FWS students CANNOT work more than 20 hours per week
    The work week is Saturday - Friday 

  • Keep track of your earnings

    Maintain a record of your earnings to ensure that you do not exceed your FWS Award Amount. Students who earn the Maximum Amount to Earn (the amount listed on your Financial Aid Award) prior to the end of the semester must stop working and contact Student Employment.

    Unearned amounts DO NOT carry over to the next semester.

  • Clocking In and Out & Payroll Issues
    • You must clock in each time you report to work and clock out when leaving.
    • You will be given a time sheet for your supervisor to sign and/or a login for ADP.
    • Your pay for the hours you have worked will be Direct Deposited into your checking account by the UWG Payroll Department every two weeks, provided you have completed all paperwork. (Remember: Your pay for your FWS employment is NOT applied to your UWG Student Account nor applied toward fees for subsequent semesters.)
    • FWS earnings are taxable income. All questions about the amounts being withheld or W-2 forms should be addressed to the University's Payroll Department. 
  • Disputes

    If a dispute arises between you and your supervisor or department, try to first speak with your supervisor. If that does not resolve the issue or you feel you cannot do so, you may then contact Student Employment, a division of the Office of Career and Graduate School Connections.

  • Changes of status and contact information

    Inform Human Resources of any changes in name, address, etc.