What is Community Outreach?

The University of West Georgia’s Community Outreach Program is a partnership between Student Employment and the local communities. UWG students are given the opportunity to work by giving back to the community. The Community Outreach Assistants (COA), work off-campus in non-profit organizations in the surrounding areas. 

Getting Involved

Community Outreach is part of the Federal Work-Study (FWS) Community Service program.  To become a COA a student must be offered FWS on his or her Financial Aid Award, have a minimum 2.5 GPA, and must have reliable transportation to the assigned work locations. 


The COA positions are listed as an FWS position along with the other FWS job listings on Handshake. For more information on how to apply you can visit: I’ve been awarded FWS. How do I get a Job? 

In addition to the regular FWS job application process, each prospective COA must sign a consent form to allow a criminal background investigation. Student Employment will review the applications, and notify selected applicants. 

Orientation and Organization Assignment

COAs are required to attend orientation. This orientation is conducted with Student Employment. 

Community Outreach Organizations

Below is a current list of organizations that Student Employees are currently working:

*Students should NOT contact these organizations directly. 



  • How will I get my schedule?

    At most organizations, the supervisor will create your schedule.

  • What should I do if I am sick and cannot make a scheduled shift?

    Contact your supervisor as soon as possible.

  • How will I turn in my hours?

    You will submit your Timesheet to Student Employment after your supervisor has signed it. Timesheets received after the due date will not be processed until the next pay period. A late timesheet may cause up to a four week delay in the student’s paycheck.

  • How can I get more hours?

    Talk with the supervisor and let them know that you desire to work more hours.

  • What if I am having a problem with my supervisor?

    Student Employment suggests that you speak with the supervisor first. If the problem cannot be resolved then contact Student Employment at 678-839-6431.