Job Search Strategies

How should I start the job search?

Know Yourself: Beginning a job search can be overwhelming, especially if you are unsure what kinds of jobs you are want to go after. Having a job search focus makes your job search efforts more manageable. If you aren’t sure what careers and skills interest you, make an appointment in the Office of Career and Graduate School Connections for career counseling. Also take advantage of job search presentations and workshops offered through the Office of Career and Graduate School Connections. To get assistance with developing your job search plan, call the Office of Career and Graduate School Connections to make an appointment.

How do I find possible opportunities?

The key is to use a variety of job search approaches.

  • Tap your Network.  Take stock of who you know. Network with faculty, family, former employers, and friends, to inform them of your career interests and gain valuable job search advice. Use LinkedIn to connect with people in your field of interest and ask for an informational interview to inquire about openings.
  • UWG alumni. Use LinkedIn to find UWG alumni and contact them for an informational interview.
  • Handshake: Use UWG’s official job posting system
  • Job Listing and professional resource sites. There are online communities dedicated to particular fields where you can often find things such as job seeker resources, career guides, discussion forums, job listings, and more.
  • Network at career fairs. Prepare your 30 second commercial, research the companies, and bring your polished resumes. Use the events calendar on Handshake to learn about upcoming fairs.
  • Consider utilizing an employment agency. Only work with those agencies that are “fee paid” meaning the employing organization will pay the employment agency. Be sure you are under no financial obligations.
  • Temporary Agencies. Registering with one or more temporary agencies (assignments with these can be for a short or long period of time) may be one avenue for making some money while looking for a permanent job.
  • Sample Website. LinkedIn, Idealist, Making The Difference, and Conduct additional research to find more sites that fit your interests.
  • Job Search Websites. Look for opportunities on websites for the cities you are targeting. For example, here are some Atlanta- specific websites AJC, Atlanta Employment Guide, and CobbOnline.

How can I stay organized and focused while I search and apply for jobs?

Finding a job takes time. It’s important to stay on top of your job search and you will need a system to manage up to 15-20 applications at a time. Keep track of all your applications on a spreadsheet recording names, companies, titles, how your contact was found, when you submitted your resume and cover letters and notes on networking and phone conversations.

How do I write my resume and cover letter?

A targeted resume and cover letters is key to landing an interview. Check out the resume and cover letter tips, guidelines and samples on the UWG Office of Career and Graduate School Connections website. Make an appointment to have your resume reviewed and use the resume walk-in hours in the Office of Career and Graduate School Connections.

Should I brand myself on-line?

Absolutely! No job search plan is complete without a well -developed LinkedIn Profile. Need help? Go to for tips on creating a profile and outstanding tips on how to network on this amazing platform.

How do I Prepare for Polish my interviewing skills?

The key to successful interviews is to be well prepared and practice.

  • Carefully research the company and analyze the position for skills and qualities
  • Attend Interviewing Skills workshops, make an appointment in the Office of Career and Graduate School Connections, and schedule a mock interview with a career counselor. Or practice on your own time with InterviewStream.


Follow-up with potential employers by phone and email to discuss your interest in the position and a possible interview.