Graduate Degree Types

Graduate education delivers specialized knowledge in a concentrated area. There are three types of post-graduate degrees. Master’s degrees are offered in almost every field, although some universities only offer doctoral programs in certain fields. Specialist degrees are usually completed in addition to a master’s program and often require additional training or internship experience. This type of degree prepares you for professional certification or licensing. Doctoral studies usually require original research for an academic program or practical application of knowledge and skills in a professional program. Master’s Degree is typically required in order to purse a doctoral degree.

Is Graduate School for Me?

Some careers require a graduate level degree before entering the field. Although a graduate degree may not be required for entry level positions it can help in advancement throughout the career field. It is important to research whether graduate school will be beneficial for you and your career, by talking with professors or with people currently working in the field. Before applying ask yourself: "Is graduate study necessary to accomplish my goals?" If the answer is yes, the resources here will help you plan and execute your search.


Applying for Graduate Studies at UWG

UWG Graduate Studies currently offers:

  • 35 Master’s Degrees
  • 7 Specialist Degrees
  • 5 Doctoral Degrees

Each Degree is outlined in detail with an overview of the program, courses, faculty contact, admission requirements, application deadlines and the learning objectives of each program.

Cost of Graduate Studies at UWG

Tuition, Fees, and Charges for graduate studies can be found at the Office of Student Accounts and Billing Services site.

  • From the Office of Student Accounts and Billing Services’s Office Welcome Page, click “Tuition, Fees, & Charges” located in the middle of the page
  • Click on “Tuition, Fees, and Charges (Fall Year to Summer Year)” for which ever semesters you are considering graduate school
  • A separate window will download and you can select “Click Here” for Graduate Students, Graduate (Online/Net Only), Professional Degrees, Ph.D Degrees, or Web MBA Program.
  • A separate window will download with an outline for how many credited hours you could take per semester and how much that would cost with tuition, fees, and charges.

A typical course is 3 credit hours. If a student took a full load of classes (3 classes), that would be 9 credit hours.

Private and federal loans, scholarships, graduate assistantships, and more financial options are available to help pay for graduate and professional school.


Standard Admission for Graduate Studies

A typical graduate studies application at most colleges and universities will require:

  • Specific Testing (Some fee waivers/discounts are available). Pricing may be higher if taken outside the area listed.
  • Official Transcripts from Undergraduate Institution(s)
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
    • Letter of Intent / Personal Statement (some programs will give you a prompt, others will not. This is an example from UWG Master’s Program) Written personal narrative describing the reasons for applying to the program, an analysis of personal strengths and weaknesses related to career goals and anticipated benefits from the program. Visit this link for more information and examples of personal statements. 
  • Interview with multiple faculty
  • Presentation (Typical for Doctoral Programs)

Graduate Admission Timeline -

It is important to be aware of the cost that is connected in the application process. Applications, tests, and sending undergraduate transcripts all have costs associated with them. It is important to narrow your schools preferences before applying because application costs can become expensive.

Graduate Students Services

In the Office of Career and Graduate School Connections we offer services including:

  • Resume, Cover Letter, and Personal Statement Critiques
  • Mock Interviewing – There are mock interviews for various programs available on Optimal Resume
  • Networking Skills
  • Internship Research
  • Career Counseling & Exploration

 ** Fees were updated as of March 31, 2019