UWG's Google Email Platform

UWG uses Google as it's official email platform.  Included is access to many of the popular Apps provided by Google including Calendar, Drive, YouTube, etc.  

All University employees and students are assigned a UWG ID which is made up of an account name and password. For students the UWG ID account name is the same as your myUWG username. For example, if you login to myUWG as astudent1, your UWG ID account name will be astudent1 as well. The UWG ID is used to grant access to UWG network resources including your Google Account and WelcomeWest - the UWG Wireless Network. To learn more about your UWG ID, follow the link below.

You can access your Google account from other locations rather than myUWG.  However, to do this you must first register your UWG ID and setup a new password for your UWG ID.  Use the link below to read instructions on how to register your UWG ID account and setup your password.

Register Your UWG ID and Setup a Password

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Your email address will remain the same as it has always been. 

Your Google Account password is the same as your UWG ID password.  Visit the Register Your UWG ID and Setup a Password page for more information.

Access to Google Apps such as Calendar, Drive, YouTube, etc. is included with your Google Account.  UWG reserves the right to turn on or off Google Apps as needed.

Your Google Account will have 30GB of free storage across all the Google Apps. 

You may send a message up to 25MB in size including any attachments; however, keep in mind that while you may send messages this size, some email systems may reject messages of this size.  UWG is not responsible for mail message size limits of other mail systems.

You can reset your UWG ID password by visiting https://selfservice.westga.edu and following the steps to reset your password (Note: you must have already registered your UWG ID and answered your security questions to utilize this feature).

No. Your University student email address is considered to be the official method of email communication for students and should not be merged with other Google accounts.

Most mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, etc. are already designed to support Gmail accounts out of the box.  Typically, you only have to know your email address and your password.  Be sure to follow the instructions for registering and setting your UWG ID password before attempting to setup any mobile device (Register Your UWG ID and Setup a Password).  For instructions on setting up a mobile device, please see the links above the FAQ section on this page.