Banner 9 Upgrade Project

University of West Georgia is currently upgrading to Banner 9. Vendor support for Banner 8 (our current version of Banner) will be terminated at the end of the 2018 calendar year. This means that all USG schools must move to Banner 9.

Quick Reference

  • What is staying the same?

    Banner 9 Admin Pages (INB forms)

    • Data is still stored in the same tables, so reports and underlying processes are largely unaffected.
    • Forms (now referred to as "Pages") still have the same names, so you can still find what you need easily.


    • Banweb interface
  • What is changing?

    Banner 9 Admin Pages (INB forms)

    • New user interface
    • New keyboard shortcuts and buttons for navigating open pages.
    • New ways of viewing records and data. In some cases pages which used to display multiple sequenced records at once no longer do, and this requires a different approach to moving through, inserting, and updating data.
    • Consolidated menus put more options under single high level menu headings.
    • Alerts are more visible to users.
    • Searching and filtering features have been re-designed to allow for more flexibility - both in search parameters and operators. No special characters needed.
    • You will use your UWG ID and Duo to access Banner
  • Timeline

    ITS and our Student Information System Steering Team have been working since November 2017 to prepare for this transition to Banner 9 administrative pages and student self service (SSB). The project plan have our conversion to Banner 9 administrative pages occurring on September 28th with migration to Banner 9 SSB modules occurring after this date and throughout the fall 2018 semester.

  • Governance

    In an effort to ensure that all the key functions of Banner are successfully migrated to the new version, a Student Information System steering team was formed to facilitate communication, definition of functional processes, and decision-making associated with the timing of the transition and order of SSB roll out. The Steering Team will continue to function after the migration to Banner 9 to support decisions that impact the operations, maintenance, integration, and support of the Student Information System environment.

  • Who will be affected?


    • Connect to Banner Pages (INB) through a new URL (see Accessing section below)
    • New Banner Pages (INB) interface
    • web interface instead of Banner 8 Java Forms interface


    • Continue to connect to Banweb (SSB) in the same way
    • Login to
    • Click on the Banweb Tab


    • Continue to connect to Banweb (SSB) in the same way
    • Login to
    • Click on the Banweb Tab

    Former Student, Faculty, and Staff Login

    • Continue to connect to Banweb (SSB) in the same way
    • Connect to
    • Click on “Former Student Login” link

 Banner 9 Access

  • Banner 9 Admin pages (INB forms)

    You will now use your UWG ID to and Duo to log into Banner 9 Admin pages (INB forms). Duo is is the same tool used for accessing OneUSG.

    PRODUCTION Environment

    BANT3 Test Environment

    • Navigate to
    • Login using your UWG ID and password
    • Select Application Navigator (AppNav)
    • Clicking the menu icon in the upper left corner (as shown below) or pressing Ctrl + M (Windows) or Control + M (Macintosh) will bring up links to all the Banner menus.

    Note: Note: Application Navigator is only for employees who currently use the Banner Forms (INB). If you do not currently use Banner Forms (INB), you will not need to use Application Navigator.

  • BanWeb
    • Login to using your UWG ID and password
    • Click on the Banweb Tab
  • Xtender

    Note: The following steps will change after the Xtender 16.0 upgrade.

    WebXtender (direct connection)

    WebXtender (from Banner 9)

    • While working with a student in a form, click the Retrieve link in the top-right area of the page.
    • The WebXtender login page will display (make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled)
    • Login with your old Banner username and password

    Note: If you forget your login information please submit a Service Desk ticket at

  • Banner Self Service

    Banner 9 Self Service Applications will be implemented after the Banner 9 Admin Pages (INB Forms) implementation.

Banner 9 Changes

  • Banner User Permissions
    You will not need to change/request additional Banner roles to be able to use Banner 9. If you need to request additional access or update your current access, please use the form at the bottom of this page and choose "Access Request (Report/Form/Job)"
  • Report and Job Changes

    Data is still stored in the same tables, so reports and underlying processes are largely unaffected. Jobs and reports that have not been used in over one year will be disabled.

  • Data Interface Changes
    The Interface Job Server is not changing with the Banner 9 updates. Existing Data Interfaces with other systems are unaffected.
  • Baseline Page (Form) Changes
    UWG does not modify baseline Banner 9 pages. USG is responsible for making any needed page changes.
  • Modifying Data in Production
    Any changes to production Banner data must be modified using the Banner interface by an authorized functional user. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the data steward and their Vice-President.


Banner Request/Issue Form

If you have a request or run into trouble using Banner 9 and the solution cannot be found on this page, please fill out and submit the following form or contact with the below information and a ticket will be auto-generated for you.

Please only use this form for Banner-related requests and issues. All other IT-related requests should be sent to

Please do not send the email to the Banner listserv email.

If the account to be deleted is for a faculty/staff member, please fill out the Termination and Transfer Notification form instead.

If the account to be deleted is for a student employee, please continue completing this form.

Requestor Supervisor/Department Head Information

Note: Any Banner account creation requests must be submitted by a supervisor or department head.

Employee Information
Banner Access Request
Xtender Access Request