Quick Reference

 Banner 9 Access

  • Banner 9 Admin pages (INB forms)

    You will now use your UWG ID to and Duo to log into Banner 9 Admin pages (INB forms). Duo is is the same tool used for accessing OneUSG.

    PRODUCTION Environment

    BANT3 Test Environment

    • Navigate to https://appnav-test.westga.edu/applicationNavigator
    • Login using your UWG ID and password
    • Select Application Navigator (AppNav)
    • Clicking the menu icon in the upper left corner (as shown below) or pressing Ctrl + M (Windows) or Control + M (Macintosh) will bring up links to all the Banner menus.

    Note: Note: Application Navigator is only for employees who currently use the Banner Forms (INB). If you do not currently use Banner Forms (INB), you will not need to use Application Navigator.

  • BanWeb
    • Login to myuwg.westga.edu using your UWG ID and password
    • Click on the Banweb Tab
  • Xtender

    Note: The following steps will change after the Xtender 16.0 upgrade.

    WebXtender (direct connection)

    WebXtender (from Banner 9)

    • While working with a student in a form, click the Retrieve link in the top-right area of the page.
    • The WebXtender login page will display (make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled)
    • Login with your old Banner username and password

    Note: If you forget your login information please submit a Service Desk ticket at servicedesk@westga.edu.

  • Banner Self Service

    Banner 9 Self Service Applications will be implemented after the Banner 9 Admin Pages (INB Forms) implementation.


Banner Request/Issue Form

If you have a request or run into trouble using Banner 9 and the solution cannot be found on this page, please fill out and submit the following form or contact servicedesk@westga.edu with the below information and a ticket will be auto-generated for you.

Please only use this form for Banner-related requests and issues. All other IT-related requests should be sent to servicedesk@westga.edu.

Please do not send the email to the Banner listserv email.

If the account to be deleted is for a faculty/staff member, please fill out the Termination and Transfer Notification form instead.

If the account to be deleted is for a student employee, please continue completing this form.

RequestorSupervisor/Department Head Information

Note: This type of request must be submitted by a supervisor or department head.

Employee Information
Banner Access Request
Xtender Access Request