West Georgia Outdoors (WGO) offers various guided adventure trips throughout each semester that provide students, faculty and staff with outdoor recreational experiences that focus on adventure, challenge and growth.

The University of West Georgia, based on guidance from the USG now and in the future, plans to open its campus for all employees and students for the Fall 2020 term. The information listed in UWG’s Return to Work Plan describes UWG’s method for bringing everyone back to campus in a safe and responsible manner. University Recreation has specifically outlined a detailed plan for maintaining patrons' safety throughout all facility operations and program offerings on our UREC Summer/Fall 2020 Operations page.

WGO Fall 2020 Adventure Trips

Trips Location Registration Deadline Dates of Trip Student Price Faculty/Staff Price
Paddle Day on Lake Carroll Carrollton, GA September 6 September 12 10 12
Yoga on the Greenbelt Carrollton, GA - Hays Mill Park September 17 September 19 3 4
Disc Golf at Hobbs Farm Carrollton, GA October 1 October 3 3 4

WGO Fall 2020 Adventure Trips

  • Trips: Paddle Day on Lake Carroll
    Location: Carrollton, GA
    Registration Deadline: September 6
    Dates of Trip: September 12
    Student Price: 10
    Faculty/Staff Price: 12

  • Trips: Yoga on the Greenbelt
    Location: Carrollton, GA - Hays Mill Park
    Registration Deadline: September 17
    Dates of Trip: September 19
    Student Price: 3
    Faculty/Staff Price: 4

  • Trips: Disc Golf at Hobbs Farm
    Location: Carrollton, GA
    Registration Deadline: October 1
    Dates of Trip: October 3
    Student Price: 3
    Faculty/Staff Price: 4

DIY Greenbelt Trip

We have also put together everything you will need to create your own adventure with this Carrollton Greenbelt PDF. Stop by the WGO Rental Center or Climbing Wall for more questions or email wgo@westga.edu.

Fall 2020 WGO Rentals/Trip Operations

  • Rental appointments outside of normal hours of operation may also be made online on our WGO Rental Center page or at the Climbing Wall
  • Occupancy limits for West Georgia Outdoors are limited to 4 people including staff in the lobby with only 1 patron/group allowed in the equipment area at a time
  • Trip schedule will focus on day trips and campus events; student transportation will not be provided until further notice - the exception to this is bicycle transportation

For more information, email wgo@westga.edu.