The campus shuttle system operates whenever classes are in session. Please review all the changes and the route schedules so you are familiar with which bus to ride to your destination. All campus buses are ADA compliant.

Fall 2019 Bus Schedules

Please click the provided link for the shuttle bus schedule (pdf). BUS SCHEDULE LINK

Newnan Shuttle Schedule

Please click the provided link for the Newnan shuttle schedule (pdf). NEWNAN SHUTTLE LINK

Bus Stops

Several bus stops have been relocated or moved. Bus stops are noted on our Bus Route Map and should be reviewed so you know where to catch the shuttle. Shuttle maps are located in all bus shelters. 

All times and stops listed are subject to change based on weather, traffic and load factors and are not guaranteed times. In the event of weather, mechanical issues or campus emergencies, bus service may be suspended or re-routed as necessary. Please check for updates on our website or the campus webpage.

Riding Rules

Please observe the following simple rules while riding:

  • Buses stop only at designated bus stops/shelters
  • Please signal your stop well in advance. Buses will not stop once a designated stop has been passed
  • No eating or drinking while on-board buses
  • Use of tobacco products is strictly prohibited in bus shelters and on-board buses
  • Be courteous and refrain from loud conversations and playing audio which could distract the driver
  • Be prepared to move from handicapped seating required to accommodate passengers that have mobility disabilities
  • Make sure all personal items are collected before leaving the bus