How We Assign

Assignments are made first-come, first-serve, based on availability and the preferences selected in the application. Housing and Residence Life (HRL) may provide self-selection and/or online room change opportunities prior to the start of Fall semester. A student must have a completed application to participate; announcements and instructions will be provided via UWG student email. Any student who fails to maintain eligibility may be removed from an assignment and reassigned once eligibility is regained. Students who complete an application for Fall Session 2 or subsequent academic terms will be assigned by HRL based upon availability and the preferences selected in the application.


HRL may reassign any student to a different space or adjust the occupancy of a room to satisfy University needs. A student may request to purchase the open space within a room. Such requests must be approved by HRL.

HRL has the right to take such action as it deems necessary to control the use of residential community space in the event of an epidemic, disaster, overcapacity, or other conditions or circumstances. HRL will take any action necessary to control and/or access residential community spaces.

Room Changes

After Move-In Day

  • Room Swap Event
    • Offered after the start of Fall & Spring Semesters when space is available. Announcements and instructions will be provided to all campus residents via UWG student email. Most room change requests will be handled through the Room Swap Event.
  • Individual room changes (after the Room Swap Event)
    • Emergency Room Changes (Roommate Conflicts, Facilities Concerns, Administrative Adjustments, etc.).
    • Students should contact in-hall staff to discuss room change concerns.


Failure to occupy a room does not negate a student’s contractual obligations with HRL. Registered, enrolled students, who do not check-in to their room may be reassigned to a different room.