Every paper or digital record has a specific minimum length of time it is to be kept. This is called a retention period. Retention for each records series is list in the USG Retention Schedules.

Once the retention period for the records series has ended, records are eligible for disposal using the following methods:

Shred - Confidential and sensitive records containing personally identifiable information (PII) related to students and employees. PII may include account details, social security numbers, student identification (SID) information, date of birth, or grades. 

Recycle - Records that are not confidential and do not contain any personally identifiable information (PII) indicated above.

Delete - Digital records that are not classified as permanent retention. For tips on identifying and deleting electronic records that have met retention, see the UWG E-Records page.

Transfer - Paper and digital records require prior approval before being transferred to another department. Records may be transferred for legal, fiscal, or administrative purposes, historical value, the designated “office of record” changes, or the unit is dissolved or restructured.

When boxes are transferred to storage, it is understood:

  • Departments are responsible for accurately identifying and communicating the contents of the boxes they submit for storage.
  • Departments are responsible for all costs of record shredding or recycling. 
  • Departments will maintain a disposition log for all records transferred to off-site storage. 
  • Boxes stored off-site are not destroyed without formal signed authorization. 
  • It is the responsibility of the signatories to ensure that the records in question are not on destruction hold because of litigation, audit, or public records request.

Destruction Holds

Caution: Be aware that all records pertaining to ongoing or pending audits, lawsuits (or even reasonably anticipated lawsuits), or public disclosure proceedings are said to be on destruction hold and must not be altered or destroyed until the hold has been lifted and the records have met their retention.