The following policy and it's associated procedure are available for public comment until June 27th, 2019. 

     UWG Policy 9.6 Tobacco-Free Campus
          UWG Procedure 9.6.1 Tobacco-Free Campus

Summary of Changes to existing Tobacco Free Campus Policy: 
     *Update to the BOR refererence
     *Responsibility section added
     *Edits made to "Violation of Policy" section (specification of Academic and Non-Academic referrals)
     *Change made from "University Police" to "Building/Event Mngr." under the visitor referral section. 

Please note that these drafts are capturing the policy as currently written on the UWG Human Resources page with minor changes. 

Why is this important?

UWG has implemented a new process that allows faculty, staff, and students to review and comment on draft policies and some procedures before they become official. The comment period gives the UWG community the opportunity to have a voice in the development of those policies that may affect you as part of our campus community.

What do you want me to do?

We encourage you to provide comments and suggestions on the proposed language and/or ways that you believe it would improve your experience on campus. In addition, if you know of any rule, policy, regulation, etc. in your department that is related to the subject matter of this policy, please let us know.

How do I provide feedback?

Once you have reviewed the draft policy or procedure, you may send an email to to leave your comments. The comment period is of limited duration (it will be noted), so please don’t forget. We appreciate your feedback!

The policies posted for revision on this website are not official institutional policies until the President of UWG approves and signs the policy. Prior to relying upon a policy that is currently under revision, please contact the UWG Institutional Policy Committee at Final and official institutional policies will reside on the home page of upon signature by the President.