• Foundational Elements of Research

    Some concepts are universal to all fields of research. These foundational elements (research problems, research questions, hypotheses, variables) serve as the basis for the development of meaningful research studies. This brief presentation provides a summary overview of these key concepts and serves as an orientation to research science.
    - Frances Chumney, Ph.D.

    Foundational Elements Handout (PDF)


  • Sampling and Data Collection

    The following presentation discusses the basic concepts of sampling, with a focus on terminology and sampling frames. The presentation concludes with a brief overview of some common sampling procedures.

    Sampling Basics Handout (PDF)

    The following presentation furthers our discussion of the difference between populations and samples, and describes several sample selection procedures in greater detail. The presentation also includes a brief description of data collection procedures, such as surveys.

    The link below is to a brief essay on the presence/role of coverage and nonresponse errors in survey research. This is not an extensive review of the literature, but highlights some of the most common issues for applied researchers.

    Coverage and Nonresponse Errors in Sampling Frames for Mail, Telephone, Face-to-Face, and Web Surveys (PDF)