Welcome to the start of the Fall 2019 semester! Below is a checklist of the things to complete to have a successful semester. 

  • Update Your Information
    Update Your Information

    Ensure all of the information the International Student Admissions and Programs Department has on file is current and correct. At the beginning of each semester, the ISAP office will send out an email with the information we have on file to your UWG email address. If any of the information in this email is incorrect, please reply back to the email with the correct information. 

    If you do not receive an email before the start of the semester with your information or a checklist, please contact the ISAP office. 



  • International Student Health Insurance Waivers
    International Student Health Insurance Waivers

    Health insurance waivers need to be filled out each semester, otherwise you will automatically be enrolled in the UWG United Healthcare Plan. 

    Health insurance is REQUIRED by law, but you have the option of choosing your own health insurance.  When choosing a plan, it is important to consider the following: 

    • price and affordability of the plan
    • coverage amounts
    • cost for doctor and hospital visits
    • any medical conditions you have and how your plan with cover your needs. 
    • Minimum Requirments
      Minimum Requirements

      The University System of Georgia (USG) implemented a new requirement in Fall 2006 that requires all international students to have health insurance which meets certain minimum requirements.The University System of Georgia requires all students in the above categories to have reasonable, comparable, creditable coverage to the current system-wide student health insurance plan provided. The following benefits must be included in your plan to be considered for a waiver.

      International Insurance Requirements:
      • Accident and sickness coverage of at least $250,000 per policy year
      • A deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness, per policy year
      • Medical evacuation to one's home country in the amount of least $50,000
      • Provision for repatriation of remains of at least $25,000
      • In effect for the entire time you will be in the USA.
    • United Healthcare Plan

      USG (The University System of Georgia) has contracted United Healthcare to provide this insurance, which will automatically be charged to your UWG account.

      For more information about the rates for Mandatory Plans, please see: www.studentcenter.uhcsr.com/westga.

      Enrolling in the Insurance Plan

      The insurance charge will automatically be charged to students' accounts. Although students are automatically charged for the insurance, you will need to enroll online to activate coverage. To enroll, students will go online to: www.studentcenter.uhcsr.com/westga.

      If you do not obtain the insurance OR do not receive a waiver from United Healthcare, your classes will be dropped. We assure you this is not something we want to have happen. You have until deadline each semester to receive an approved waiver or pay the fee and enroll.

      Policy Requirements

      The policy requires that students first visit UWG Health Services (except in cases of emergencies, when Health Services is closed, when treatment is received 30 miles from campus, or you require treatment for maternity or psychotherapy). The purpose of this requirement is to help save you time and money.

      The Department of Health Services provides a wide range of services, including free or low cost prescriptions for many medications, and is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday, during the regular academic year. You can visit Health Services without an appointment. For more information about the Department of Health Services, please visit online or call 678-839-6452.

      If you have questions, you can consult the USG website for more information. 

      Contact United Healthcare

      Plan Information
      United Healthcare Student Resources
      2301 West Plano Parkway, Suite 300
      Plano, TX 75075

      Mail your claims to:
      United Healthcare Student Resources
      P.O. Box 809025
      Dallas, TX 75380-9025

      Customer Service - 1-800-767-0700

    • Waiving United Healthcare
      Waiving Out of the United Healthcare Plan

      If you already have health insurance, or choose to go with a private company of your choosing, you may waive out of the university's plan. To do this, you must submit a waiver request to United HealthCare, who will decide if you are exempt from purchasing the policy. You will need to have your insurance policy information readily available when you start the waiver process.

      • Log on to www.studentcenter.uhcsr.com/westga
      • Click on the 'Waiver Form' link on the bottom of the page. Fill out the form(s) set up for your institution.
      • The USG’s current provider will receive your request for a waiver and you will receive an email and a confirmation number verifying that you have successfully submitted your waiver. If you do not receive this email, resubmit your waiver request.
      • Your request is then sent for verification.
      • Your insurance plan will be verified that it meets the current requirements using the University System of Georgia approved minimum requirement guidelines.
      • Once your request is reviewed, an email is sent either stating your plan has been approved or has been denied. If approved, the school will remove the charge from your tuition bill. If denied, the email will state the reason(s) why your plan is not approved.

      Please note that the ISAP office does not have any authority over insurance waiver approvals or denials. We are avaliable to assist students with filling out the waiver form, but our office is not able to approve or deny requests. This is done through United Healthcare. 

  • Enrollment Requirements
    Enrollment Requirements

    Immigration regulations require international students in F-1 or J-1 status to be in full-time units each semester. For immigration purposes, full-time enrollment is defined as:

    • Undergraduate students = 12 credit hours
    • Graduate students = 9 credit hours
    Open Drop Deadline
    August 20th at 11:59PM
    Open Add Deadline
    August 20th at 11:59PM
    Full Time Enrollment Deadline
    August 20th 10 at 11:59PM
    Fee Payment Deadline 
    August 21st at 5:00PM

    U.S. immigration regulations require F-1 and J-1 international students to register for and complete a full course load each semester. At the beginning of each term,the ISAP Office is required to confirm that all international students are registered and maintaining full-time enrollment. Student enrollment continues to be monitored throughout the semester.

    Students who drop below full-time without approval (see below) from the ISAP Office must be reported to the Department of Homeland Security via SEVIS As a result, the SEVIS record will be terminated and the student will lose lawful F-1 or J-1 status including employment eligibility and benefits.

    Full-time Enrollment & On-line Coursework

    Immigration regulations limit the number of online courses a student can count towards the full time requirement. International students may count only one course or three units of on-line coursework towards the full time requirement. Other online classes will not count toward the full-time enrollment, but students can still take more than one online class per semester. That student must just also enroll in 9 credits of face to face classes. 

    Requesting Approval for a Reduced Course Load

    Immigration regulations permit exceptions to the full-time registration requirement in very limited circumstances and only with prior approval from the ISAP Office. Students will be considered for a reduced enrollment based on the reasons listed below.

    To be considered for an exception, submit a completed Reduced Enrollment Form to the ISAP Office prior to dropping any courses below full-time.

    Reduced Enrollment for Academic Reasons

    Acceptable academic reasons for dropping below full-time include improper course placement, initial difficulties with English language and/or reading requirements, or unfamiliarity with American teaching methods.
    An academic advisor (college or major advisor) or professor must recommend the reduced enrollment.
    Reduced enrollment for academic reasons may be approved for only one semester during the student's degree program. Students should consider this carefully before requesting an approved reduced enrollment for academic reasons since it can only be used once.

    Reduced Enrollment for Final Semester

    Degree-seeking students who are completing their degree requirements in a specified semester can enroll for as many or as few units as needed to graduate. Download the Reduced Course Load Request form.

    To be eligible, students must meet the following criteria:

    • Be on the degree list for the specified semester
    • The student must graduate at the end of the semester

    Upon completion of the specified semester:

    • F-1 students will have a 60-day grace period for a one-time departure from the U.S. or transfer to another school, advancement to a higher degree level, change of nonimmigrant status or may apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT).
    • J-1 students will have a 30-day grace period for a one-time departure from the US. To be eligible for Academic Training, J-1 students must submit an application prior to the last day of their academic program.
    Reduced Enrollment for Medical Reasons

    Students may drop below full-time for physical or mental health reasons.
    The reduced enrollment must be recommended by a University Health Services medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, or licensed clinical psychologist.

    • Reduced enrollment for health reasons may be approved for no more than a cumulative period of 12 months during the student’s degree program.
    • Approval for reduced enrollment will be given for only one semester at a time, thus continuing health problems may need more than one approval if continued beyond one semester.

    Students who are withdrawn from UWG will only be approved for one semester of medical withdrawal for visa purposes. In order to remain in the US in the following semester, the student must take one of the steps listed below:

    • Receive another recommendation from a medical doctor of the illness
    • Transfer the SEVIS record to a new school
  • Bill Payment Information 
    Bill Payment Information

    The Bursar's office is the only office on campus that can accept tuition payments. All inquires about bills and payments should be made to their office. 

    The cost of attending The University of West Georgia can vary, depending on a student's classification, residency status, method of instruction, and/or degree program.  Below are links to the fee charts that provide an estimate of what it will cost to take a course, or courses, at The University of West Georgia. These fee charts are only intended to be a guide and do not include special course fees, meal plans, or housing charges.  The information contained in the fee charts is subject to change. 

    • If you are taking online classes, such as Online (Net) and Ecore, then you may have additional tuition charges associated with them, and the charges are listed at the bottom of each fee sheet.
    • Net classes have two separate charges, designated as Online (Net) Tuition and E-Tuition.
    • Mandatory fees are assessed by using all hours attempted, including Online (Net) and ECore classes when taking any Face-to-Face classes.
    • For specific information on mandatory fees please CLICK HERE.

    **An auditor is a student who enrolls as an observer or listener only. Auditors pay all regular fees and tuition for enrollment. A post-baccalaureate non-degree seeking student attends classes, but is not seeking a UWG degree. These students also pay all regular tuition and fee rates.  

    Tuition & Fee Payment Charts

    Tuition and fee payment deadlines usually occur approximately one week after the start of the semester. It is important that students know and be aware of the final payment deadline. Failure to pay all fees and tuition before this due date will result in all classes being dropped. There are several ways in which a student can pay their tuition. 

    For International Wire Transfers, we recommend using flywire. 

    International Student Scholarships & Funding Opportunities 
    • We encourage all of our students to submit a UWG General Scholarship Application on our financial aid website. 
    • International students can also apply for private scholarships. 
    • Students can also apply for an Out of State Tuition Waiver
    • Graduate students are encouraged to look for Graduate Student Assistantships if they are seeking funding for their studies.