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Don’t make it wait too long. UWG’s study abroad programs are the fastest, easiest way to see what the world has to offer, and what you have to offer the world.

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Why Study Abroad?

The UWG Office of Education Abroad (OEA) coordinates a broad range of study abroad opportunities for students at all levels of their university careers – study abroad is open to all UWG students, and the cost of participating is less than most students anticipate. Courses may be taught by UWG faculty or by faculty from partner institutions: either way, OEA will assist you in understanding your course options and how they can help you gain global perspective, important job skills and credit towards your degree. Students can participate in any one of the following program types. To help you understand the different types of programs as you search the program catalog, here's a guide to program names:

  • UWG-faculty-led programs: These programs are designed by UWG faculty members who will travel with the students abroad or away (domestic) and teach in the program. A dozen programs are offered annually, spanning various disciplines, locations, and costs. The duration for these programs typically range from a week over spring break to a month during the summer.
  • University System of Georgia Goes Global (USGGG): These are programs organized by consortia of USG schools. Students will study with faculty and students from across the state. Students enroll for classes at UWG and get course credit from UWG. These programs are only offered over the summer and typically range in duration from one week to six weeks.
  • Exchange: These programs allow UWG students to spend a semester or an academic year studying at universities overseas with whom we have partner agreements. For most of these programs, students pay UWG tuition and fees in addition to living and travel expenses overseas. Our office works closely with our counterparts at each of these schools to make sure that students have a productive academic and cultural experience.


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Often, the biggest hurdle UWG students face is the question of how they will pay for their study abroad trip. The simplest way you can help is by contributing directly to the Education Abroad scholarship fund. We encourage you to make an investment in our students’ futures: one small gift from you can be the start of a lifetime of growth for them.

Donate to Education Abroad FundSEND OUR STUDENTS ON THEIR WAY!

Office of Education Abroad

A life-changing opportunity is just a few clicks away – so take a moment to see what UWG’s Office of Education Abroad can offer you. The OEA facilitates degree program integration for students, scholarship and financial aid counseling, partnership development for faculty, and much more that makes international academic engagement possible on multiple levels.

The OEA also promotes activities and programs designed to increase intercultural understanding – both on-campus and off – as a way to encourage students and the local community to explore the benefits of cultural diversity. Mark Twain once asserted: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…” and that’s as true today as when he wrote it. Studying abroad expands students’ perspectives, sharpens their communication skills, challenges their preconceived notions, and lays the groundwork for becoming responsible global citizens.

Whether you are a student who wants to discover what other countries and cultures have to offer (and what they can teach you about yourself), or if you are faculty looking to design and implement an international curriculum, we’re here to help.

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