Historically known as a center for humanistic psychology, the psychology department at West Georgia holds international recognition for its unique programs that commonly draw from the humanistic, transpersonal, and critical psychology traditions. We emphasize "psychology as a human science," and the three degree programs housed in our department engage students with psychological research and theory that fosters critical thinking and the responsible use of human science methods toward a nuanced understanding of human experience. Psychology students are invited to reflect upon personal experience so as to better understand the experience of others. Our programs also emphasize exploration of sociocultural and historical context, application of psychology to real-world situations, development of creative potential, and contribution to the common good. Our faculty boasts a wide-range of national and international publications and appointments and national profile in several Divisions of the American Psychological Association and related professional organizations. In sum, our students and faculty are highly active in framing the future of human science psychology. We invite you to join us in this effort.

Virtual Tour

In 2018 we were grateful to commission the artist Manami Yagashiro Lingerfelt to paint a beautiful mural for the departmental home of the UWG psychology community, Melson Hall. This video showcases a virtual tour of the mural and department. You can view more of Manami’s creative process and whimsical artwork at:


Historical & Philosophical Roots

"Development of a humanistic orientation at West Georgia was but one expression of fundamental social changes in America which had been gaining momentum for some time. Relative economic and technological success had not brought with it concomitant progress towards the personal or collective experience of fulfillment. The very attitudes which accompanied victory in the battle at the survival level were proving inadequate or inappropriate in discovering means for greater personal and social realization. Humanistic or "3rd Force" Psychology focused attention on assumptions and methods which promised to move beyond previously limiting conceptions of human potential without, however, denying to those conceptions their value within appropriate contexts.” - Mike Arons

Learn about the unique humanistic history of our department, and how its legacy lives on in our philosophical values today.

Alumni and Friends

"Alumni of our psychology program are now more than 4500 strong and are living and working across the nation and around the globe. This 50th celebration invites our alumni to reconnect with each other and the faculty, as well as meet current students and learn about the plans for the next 50 years.” - Dr. N. Jane McCandless, former Dean of College of Social Sciences.

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Melson Hall

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