Why offer the BFA?

While the UWG Theatre Department offers a strong, solid foundation with its Bachelor of Arts in Theatre degree, we want to give students the opportunity to select a more focused degree program. The BFA will give students who want to go into the professional world of Theatre a focus in one area of the discipline, while the BA offers students who want to learn more than one aspect of Theatre a broader scope. It's all about options, and UWG Theatre gives you that!

What does the BFA entail?

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre will start with two concentrations: Acting and Design/Technology. The BFA offers students more courses in the areas of Acting and Design/Technology so that they may focus their craft. This degree is for the student who prefers a more focused program and who knows the direction s/he will take upon graduation.

Incoming Freshman students will begin the Theatre Major in a cohort, taking courses in Theatre and in the Core Curriculum, to get a feel for college life. Then, after completing 30 credit hours with an overall grade point average of 2.5 and a 3.0 GPA in theatre courses, students interested in the BFA may take THEA 2900: Sophomore Assessment in two consecutive semesters. The first semester of THEA 2900 is a preparation course for the second semester version, where students will present a juried presentation that will consist of either a portfolio review (for the Design/Technology concentration) or an audition 9for the Acting concentration) to become a BFA candidate.

To stay in the BFA, acting students must be cast in at least one production per semester, and design students must design, coordinate, or build at least one show per semester. In their final year of the BFA, students will take a capstone course in their area. As part of this capstone, in addition to the production work that the capstone focuses on, the BFA candidate will present either a portfolio of work or an audition to a public audience that will included faculty, staff, students, and invited guests. This presentation will be a jury at which the candidates will be evaluated by the faculty and staff.

For more information about each concentration of the BFA, please click on the following links: