by Amy K. Lavender

The 2019 SAS Analytics Summit welcomes students and professionals in the field of data analytics to an annual event that promotes discussion on various uses for SAS analytics as well as topical issues in the profession. The summit will take place at the University of West Georgia, April 12. 

A picture of data flowing as binary code

This year's keynote speakers will be Chavis Paulk, with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget, and Mary-Elizabeth (M-E) Eddlestone, Analytics Technical Advisor for SAS. First on the agenda for the day is Paulk's "Key Issues in Health Care." Paulk will explores issues related to the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) in Georgia and how data analytics can be used to detect anomalies in merchant-level reimbursements. Improvements in these anomalies have been used to increase efficiencies in Georgia's SNAP program.  

Eddlestone will discuss how "YOU Can Be an Outstanding Data Scientist!" According to Eddlestone, the field of Data Science is more exciting than ever before. But what if you didn’t major in “Data Science”? Many potential practitioners don’t yet realize how their skills, talents and education from a wide range of disciplines can make them uniquely qualified to excel in today’s ever-evolving world of analytics. Current use cases will be shared as illustrations of how interdisciplinary approaches bring exceptional results to some challenging problems.

After the presentations of the keynote speakers, students will have the opportunity to display their own research via posters and a networking session. A panel discussion will immediately follow, featuring Amanda Hand, founding member of Aspirent; David Johnson, a partner at Cane Bay Partners VI, LLC; Shevawn Christian of Delta Airlines; and Anubhavi Gupta of Epsilon. 

The summit will begin at 8 a.m., Friday, April 12, in the Coliseum, University of West Georgia, 1601 Maple St., Carrollton, GA 30118. 

Posted on February 12, 2019