Action Item Timetable
Assessment goals & timeline for the Department, MIS & MGT Area  from AY 2011 through AY 2016

Course Learning Objectives
Course Learning Objectives for all classes in the Department.  Information should be included on
"all" syllabi 

Department Meeting Minutes
Notes from departmental meetings by date

Department Goals
Department goals and the processes to achieve each goal 

Departmental Reports
Annual reports from AY 2001 to present and MGT and MIS Five Year Comprehensive Program Review

Major Learning Goals
MGT & MIS Assurance of Learning reports for MGNT 3605 & 4620; CISM 3350 & 4390 

Policies & Procedures
Outlines Department procedures for meetings, Richards College Of Business & dept. committee assignments, 
advisement responsibilities, travel, summer teaching, evaluation of faculty, Third year review, 
promotion & tenure, post-tenure review, faculty recruitment. & new faculty orientation

The Messenger
Departmental newsletters from AY 2005 to present