Program Information for the Engineering Studies Program at UWG

Applying for UWG

You have 2 options:

  1. STEM Focus Area – This applies to most students in the Engineering Studies Program.
  2. Physics major with Plan B as the concentration – This option is only available for students wishing to transfer to Kennesaw State University. This gives you the opportunity for the Dual Degree program between Kennesaw State University and UWG Physics.

If needed, students can change their majors during Orientation and at Pack Premiere.

Students are expected to have a MATH SAT score of 550 or higher and/or a MATH ACT score of 20 or higher. If your test scores are below these marks, you may not be able to start in the correct math class and will likely need to spend more than 2 years at UWG before transferring to our partner schools.


Students will take their math courses, science courses, and as much of their core as possible while at UWG.  Students should work with an advisor to make sure they meet all the requirements for their desired program. Read more about the requirements for our Partner REPP Engineering Institutions.

This is the typical plan; however, some courses could vary depending on the institution students wish to transfer to.  Students should work closely with an advisor to make sure their plan meets all of the requirements for their desired engineering program. Core classes can be taken in the summer or at the engineering institution to reduce the workload in some semesters.

Year One Courses Plan  
Year 1 Fall SemesterYear 1 Spring Semester
CHEM 1211/CHEM 1211L (4)CHEM 1212/CHEM 1212L (4)
MATH 1113 (4)MATH 1634(4)
ENGL 1101 (3)ENGL 1102 (3)
XIDS 2002 - Core B2 (2)ECON 2105 or 2106 - Core E4 (3)
Core B1, C, or E (3)Core B1, C, or E (3)
16 Total Credit Hours17 Total Credit Hours
Year Two Courses Plan  
Year 2 Fall SemesterYear 2 Spring Semester
PHYS 2211/PHYS 2211L (4)PHYS 2212/PHYS 2212L (4)
MATH 2644 (4)MATH 2654 (4)
MATH 2853 (3)MATH 3303 (3)
Core B1, C, or E (3)Core B1, C, or E (3)
Core B1, C, or E (3)Core B1, C, or E (3)
17 Total Credit Hours17 Total Credit Hours

There is a Engineering Learning Community for incoming Freshmen that includes a First Year Seminar Course designed specifically for the Engineering Studies Program. There are also clubs that students can join once they arrive at UWG.

Learning Community and Clubs

Transferring to a Partner Institution

Students should start thinking about their applications once they start Physics 1 (PHYS 2211+L) and Calculus 2 (MATH 2644). These courses are typically taken during the fall of your second year. 

The requirements will vary based on the school you plan to attend and the type of engineering you wish to pursue. Work with an advisor once you start Physics 1 to discuss the requirements for your desired program. You can check get information about different programs at our partner institutions page.

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