Various paid undergraduate and graduate student assistantships are available in the College of Education.  These positions are also available in other colleges and departments around the UWG campus.

Departments seeking undergraduate students will normally post these positions at the Student Employment Office in Parker Hall.  You will have to visit the Student Employment Office to see what positions are currently available.

If you are seeking a graduate assistantship, we recommend you take your resume and fill out an application at the Graduate School office in Cobb Hall.

Many students work in computer labs around the UWG campus.  If you are interested in working in a computer lab you can upload your current resume to the campus computer labs website.  Computer lab directors often search this site to find potential candidates.  Both undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply.  Computer lab positions are traditionally hired to start the first day of a semester.

Description of paid assistantships you will normally find in the College of Education:


This position is typically an undergraduate student.  All enrolled UWG students qualify.  SA's are normally hired in academic departments, the Dean's Office or Computer Labs.


You must qualify to earn FWSP monies to be hired in an FWSP position.  To determine if you are eligible, contact the Financial Aid Office before you apply.  FWSP positions are typically held for students who have university loans.  Not all students who have loans will qualify.  A limited number of FWSP positions can be found in the College of Education.


These assistantships are for graduate students only and are normally not posted at the Student Employment office.  You can traditionally find these type positions available in each of the academic departments, Dean's Office, and College of Education Computer Labs.  If you are interested in a Graduate Assistantship position, we recommend you submit your resume to the various department secretaries (including the College of Education Computer Labs) and drop off a copy at the Graduate School office as well.


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