Purpose of the Programs

The planned curriculum develops graduates who serve as leaders and flexible, responsible decision makers in a variety of roles such as information specialists, instructional consultants, and teachers. The programs reflect the latest research in the field, effective practices in the profession, and successful leadership models. The programs lead to Georgia Department of Education certification at the S-5 and S-6 levels.

Program Delivery Format

The department offers classes through a variety of distance technologies.  The "Course Offerings" site lists the classes and the format in which they are delivered.  This list is updated as changes take place so that students can carefully plan their programs.

Training opportunities at the master's and specialist's levels are available:

Two (2) M.Ed. programs:

Two(2) Ed.S. programs:

Admission to the Program:

M.Ed Program

Specialist Program

Approved Certification and Endorsement Programs

Applicants for the approved certification programs must meet the same admission requirements as persons seeking the M.Ed. degree.

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