The Developmental and Diagnostic Reading Clinic operated by the Department of Curriculum and Instruction within the College of Education at the University of West Georgia serves the needs of surrounding community of learners and supports the on-going preparation of current and future teachers in Georgia. The clinic is located in the Education Annex on the campus of the University of West Georgia. Inquires regarding the Clinic may be made in person or by
telephone at 678-839-6563. You may also contact us by email at the Developmental and Diagnostic Reading Clinic.

The Major function of the Clinic is to provide assessment and instructional services to a wide variety of students, grades K-12, and adults who are having difficulties with reading. Our clients may have a reading disability or simply need additional help in one or more areas of reading such as pre-reading skills, decoding, comprehension, and study skills. There is a customary charge for these services which may be adjusted depending on the financial status of the individual.

Additionally, the Clinic will provide assistance to schools in developing reading programs and strategies and in selecting materials. Through our website and e-mail, teachers can interact with Clinic staff in seeking advice for readers experiencing educational problems.

Assessment Services

Through a variety of both informal an formal evaluations, the staff works individually with each client to determine his or her abilities in reading skills. The resulting diagnosis leads to a recommendation of the most appropriate prescription for providing instruction for the client. Every client is unique and learns in different ways, so each plan is individualized.

Following the assessment procedures, a meeting will be scheduled where all findings will be discussed with parents, if appropriate. Clinic staff and parents will formulate an action plan to develop reading competencies. A written report can be sent to the client's school or other appropriate professionals upon authorization by the parents.

Instructional Services

Tutoring is offered in the Clinic to address each client's specific reading difficulties after his or her initial assessment. Clinic staff, who are undergraduate and graduate students, will provide tutoring as a part of their instructional programs. Availability of tutoring is dependent upon student course enrollment.

Tutoring is provided in a one-to-one or small group environment and is based on the instructional plan for each child. Parents and teachers are welcome to observe any part of the assessment or tutoring process. Clinic staff will be available to discuss the program and the client's progress with parents. A report will be sent to the parents upon completion of tutoring.

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