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The Cherokee Rose Writing Project began in the summer of 2007 on the campus of the University of West Georgia. Our first summer institute, The Word and the World, was a month long intensive workshop by which teachers came together to talk, to read, to study, and hopefully to influence writing instruction for Western Georgia students. One of our goals at CRWP is to bring high-quality professional development programs to the teachers of Western Georgia.

Through our Summer Institute and other exciting programs, CRWP is quickly becoming recognized for our innovative teaching methods and high standards of excellence. Elementary, Middle, and Secondary teachers from West Georgia schools come together for four weeks in June to read and reflect on the latest research and educational theory, to discuss pressing issues in education, and to share best practices to enhance teaching. Participants also strengthen their
understanding of the writing process by becoming writers themselves,
compiling a portfolio of writing pieces throughout the Institute.

Participants in the CRWP Summer Institute earn 6 Graduate credits from the
University of West Georgia. These credits can be applied to a variety of
graduate programs at The University of West Georgia.

Summer Institute Nomination and Application Forms

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