Mission Statement

The Office of Field Experiences (OFE) provides a variety of field-based opportunities in which candidates in the various certification programs observe, assist, instruct, and /or conduct research in academic settings defined by their programs. These experiences help to bridge the gap between theory and practice by presenting the candidates with firsthand matriculation in sites that have been carefully selected and monitored by the College of Education faculty and staff.

Office of Field Experiences Staff

Helen Chambers, Coordinator

Kaye Ferguson, Senior Administrative Secretary

Most Commonly Asked Questions

When in my program will I be completing field experiences?

Field Experiences vary between programs. Generally undergraduate, fieldwork is arranged for two days per week for the junior year with increasing involvement during the senior year. All fieldwork culminates with the Internship semester, which involves placement in a classroom setting every day for the fifteen-week semester. Graduate fieldwork (practicum) is assigned to specific courses and generally involves the completion of a particular number of hours as specified by the graduate catalog and the course syllabus. See Field Experiences Deadlines for specific information.

When do I apply for field experiences?

See Field Experiences Deadlines.

Can I request a specific site for my field experience?

Students do not request specific sites for field experiences. Every effort is made to ensure that students see diverse school settings and age groups. The Office of Field Experiences always considers addresses when making placements, but consideration must also be made for any specific major needs, school needs, and faculty driving time.

What if my address changes before my field experience begins?

Notify the Office of Field Experiences as soon as possible if your address changes for mailing purposes. Applications for field experience placement state "Driving addresses will be used to secure a site for the term noted above. Placement will not be changed."

What if my GPA drops below the minimum requirement for my major?

GPAs are checked at the end of every semester. If your GPA drops below the requirement for your major, you will be removed from Teacher Education and will not be allowed to continue in your major courses until your GPA is raised to the appropriate level.

When will I receive information concerning what days my field experiences are scheduled, what school I report to, and what teacher I will be with?

Field experiences will always be discussed in classes during the first week of classes. Faculty will discuss with students their responsibilities and will share the specific site information once the semester is in session.

Will calling the Office of Field Experiences help me find out my placement before the semester begins?

No. Several hundred placements are requested each semester and in order to properly insure that the school, the district office, and the College of Education are all aware of placement confirmations, the Office of Field Experiences will not share placements with faculty or students until all placements are confirmed.

What if difficulties occur during my field experience?

If students begin having difficulties in their field experiences, the University Supervisor and the appropriate Department Chair will begin to compile a Professional Development Plan, so that difficulties may be resolved.

What if I make a “D” in one of my major courses?

Students must make a “C” or better in all professional educational courses, teaching field courses (content), and supporting courses (Area F) and are not allowed to complete Internship (student teaching) until those courses are completed with a grade of “C” or better (see Internship Handbook).

How many field experience hours do I have to complete during the course of my program?

Field experiences are completed during the last two years of the candidate's program. Different programs vary the approach and days in the field; however, all programs require significant field experience time in the schools. During this time, field experiences are divided up over the last four semesters of a program. As a Board of Regent's requirement as well as a NCATE expectation, the College of Education documents all field experiences for each candidate who declares Teacher Education as a major (or minor for those receiving Arts and Science degrees) to endure that students complete a variety of experiences across diverse environments.

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